A place to start.

A place to start.

Please bear with me and Blue car garage for a short time. I have moved personally and have now moved BCG into a garage as well. It is small but has storage on the second floor. That is a huge plus when talking car parts.
The ground floor will fit 2 small cars with room to work around them. A steel beam is set up for an electric hoist which will increase our motor work capabilities.
To many it may not seem like much. To us at Blue Car Garage; and me personally, it was a goal that took 7 months to fulfill. The small overhead costs will easily be sustainable even through a long slow spell. Not seeing that happen yet as we are booked solid for our first 2 weeks. Just the first step towards a dream of repairing and building cars. Or any vehicle for that matter. We have a few projects still in the build process. The 1996 Yamaha 600 and a 1978 Honda Goldwing to mention a few.
Stay with us and stay in contact. I am trying to provide a more personal touch to maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

Thank you very much !!
Troy Lied

P.S. Don.t forget to check out http://bluecargarage.com or http://facebook.com/bluecargarage


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